dinner for two

Dinner with my best friend. It’s our anniversary! I was tempted to not cook and enjoy an evening out but I realized all of my cooking always involved a group (family, kids, friends, etc..). This night I would prepare a delicious surprise dinner for my “one & only”

I welcomed him with a glass of Balantine’s (my favorite blended scotch which I brought back from my last business trip to London). He looked incredibly pleased not only for his whiskey welcome but also realizing we’d be having a very private/no kids/just the 2 of us dinner at home.

BF Dinner Menu:

We started with a Tuna Tar tare

The recipe I used called for avocado & caviar which I omitted simply cause I didn’t have those ingredients on hand. All the same it was delicious.

I increased the wasabi & soy measurement. The hubby likes it spicy!

Next up was our main course.

Ina Garten’s Beef Burgundy, incredibly tasty and easy to cook. All you really need is a good dutch oven. I use my red Le Cruset. On the side I served Scalloped potatoes with goat cheese. The herbs de provence in this recipe really make the dish. I also used an herb marinated goat cheese and baked these in individual mini baking dishes. I also served green beans which were served boiled and tossed in olive oil and chopped garlic. I decided not to make dessert as baking is not my strong suit and I know how much we love eclairs and always resist the temptation of buying them whenever their eyed at our local bakery. So this time I picked up 2 of these lusciously yummy cream filled pastries.  My mother never believed the saying “The path to a man’s heart is through his stomach” but look at that smile! Besides, my mother was never much of a cook. I think I get it from my Dad’s side. Hope you too will cook & enjoy a simple and delicious dinner for two. I know we did! Happy 11th Anniversary, love.


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