Watermelon all the time

Watermelons aren’t just for the summer.

In the US watermelon’s are available all year round however if you’d like a “born in the usa” melon you have between April & November. This last summer I was a bit crazed with watermelon shakes, juices & cocktails but now that fall has arrived I had to make my watermelon salad before my melons went through customs. I served it for dinner one evening my brother & family dropped by. Of course at first glance my brother made a face, “vinegar with watermelon?”. He doesn’t have the most adventurous palette but he agreed to try as did my niece & nephew.  This salad is incredibly simple and can be served with a varity of dishes. I served mine with grilled steak and roasted potatoes. It’s also great to bring to bbq’s, serve at a brunch, with fish and chicken. It’s incredibly light and is great at balancing heavy dishes. My brother and his family became big fans and have made the dish at home.

(What did u put in?) My Watermelon Salad:

3 cups of cubed watermelon – can serve in 6 indv. dishes or 1 bowl

handful of goat cheese – about 1/4 cup crumbled

Balsamic vinegar glaze – drizzle generously

Basil – tore pieces sprinkled on top / Mint works nicely as well

Photo cred. Mark Hendon Photography


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