Surf & Turf Feast

Food: The oldest love affair…
Everyone loves food. Yes, we can’t survive without it but it is not only our need that drives us to eat but our love of food. In this DWF edition I was challenged to create a menu that would not only satisfy the food lover in all of us but would fit a vegetarian, gluten free and low fat diet.

We started with one of my favorite soups, Carrot Ginger Soup. I make the soup bucket size and save for future dinners and lunches. It’ll keep in your fridge for a week and months in the freezer. For those  not bothered by a bit of extra fat, I like to add a fried egg on top with a drizzle of sesame oil. Anything with a topped fried egg is like a drizzle of chocolate sauce on a dessert. It’s an extra touch of yum. It also fit nicely into my gluten free, vegetarian, non-fat menu.

Once everyone finished their soup and all the compliments of how awesomely tasty it was we moved on to our main spread.

Dinner was served buffet style including our main surf & turf dish:

All perfect accompaniments to our main surf & turf attraction:

  • Lemon-Cilantro Shrimp for the low fat, gluten free & pescaterian (I did not make that up but probably misspelled it) dieters and Churassco steak for any not opposed to a little beef or fat. The Churrasco is very fatty but that’s what I love about it. The fat keeps it tender, juicy and incredibly tasty.

And so it was one tasty dinner! All were pleased and filled their bellies as conditionally as they could (or should).

Thank you to all that attended!

*Photography by Michelle Massanet


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