Inspiration for my 1st dinner party of the season


Here’s the plan for my first dinner party this summer. It’s a small intimate setting with 5 guests and since it’s my summer opener I’m thinking ocean blues, natural elements, pink floral & candle light table decor. The menu took a bit of thought cause I want items that are simple but still give a warm family/home cooked feel. The guests at this dinner are 4 of my childhood girlfriends. I’ve known these ladies since I was a freshman in high school. I definitely don’t want to spend the evening in the kitchen. I want yummy & homemade foods that aren’t too heavy after all this is a ladies dinner. I’m planning on making a oven roasted chicken with scalloped potatoes with goat cheese & roasted veggies. All fan favorites in my house. We’ll start with a rum tea welcome drink served with stuffed mushrooms and will open with a wedge salad which I think will be a good balance to the chicken and cheesy potatoes. We’ll see how it goes! Stand by for a full report with pics & recipes.


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