DIY Cocktail Party

The cocktail party, the easiest of all fiestas.
This one is no exception, my husband’s firm decided to throw a small shin dig for their long standing clients. “Something classy but small. We should hire someone” they said.  Hello! I can do it 🙂 I joined forces with my friend, Cristina who’s husband is also part of the firm and we devised a plan to create a low-budget and elegant cocktail party.
We chose to host the event in Cristina’s home, mainly in the backyard underneath her lovely tiki hut.
Next up was the menu:
*With an estimate of 30 guests, we decided on 4 appetizers, 2 desserts, champagne & a full maned bar.
One of my favorite cocktail party go-to hors d’oeuvres .
It looks beautiful, is filling and looks impressive even though it’s incredibly easy. I made mine with scallops, tilapia and served them with corn nuts and sweet potato in individual clear cups which made for a very elegant presentation and easy consumption.

Wild Mushroom Tarlets topped with Goat cheese 
I substituted the homemade dough, used store bought crescent dough & went straight to the filling. Super easy and so tasty!

These we’re made in a slow-cooker. No mess, no fuss!

Miniature Crabcakes with Mustard Sauce  
Probably the most cook intensive of all but really 1 out of 4 ain’t bad. You can also opt to purchase these frozen although I recommend making the sauce yourself. The jarred kind are never quite as good.

Although I was tempted to don my apron again and whip up a few sweet treats we decided to purchase petite fours and mini eclairs from a local bakery

Cocktails! It’s not a cocktail party without plenty of libations. Upon arrival guests were welcomed with their choice of champagne or a champagne cocktail.
The food was served buffet style beside our manned cocktail bar. The man was the priciest part of our DIY party. We kept the decor simple, gold colored candles, burgundy tablecloths and tiki torches adorned the backyard. All in all the party was a success. Since we prepared the food the morning of, set-up a self serve champagne table near the entrance which later became our dessert & coffee station and set-up our hors d’oeuvres buffet style in the backyard, we had plenty of time to mingle.
Thanks to everyone that attended!


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